Water Polo Ball
Water Polo Ball
Water Polo Ball
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Upcoming Round: Round 0 (Friday 9th May & Saturday 10th May)
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Summer 2013/2014 #5: Finals!
What a spectacular Grand Finals! Congratulations to all our winners and we look forward to seeing you all back here for Winter 2014! | watch full report
Summer 2013/2014 #4: Grand finals are fast approaching and there are lots of exciting things in store for our players! Winter is also fast approaching - if you'd be interested in a U12-14 comp on Saturdays, please email us at rego@waterpolo.asn.au | watch report
Summer 2013/2014 #3: Welcome back to water polo for 2014! Half-season registrations are available, and exciting things are in store for our Association's 50th year! Stay tuned... | watch report
Summer 2013/2014 #2: Christmas!: Santa makes his way down to the pool as our players enjoy our last round before the Christmas break! We hope you all have a great holiday and look forward to seeing you all again in 2014! | watch report
Summer 2013/2014 #1: Water polo is back in full swing with the Summer 2013/14 Season kicking off with a great start! Watch to learn about registering, our updated Competition Rules, and a super-exciting, history-shattering announcement!... | watch report
Winter 2013 #4: Grand Finals!: Well done to all teams for a fantastic Winter season, and particularly to those who participated in our first-ever Winter Saturday competition! Congratulations to our winners! U12-U14s: All Clubs Octopi U15s/U16s: Sutherland John Dory's Opens: Shire Bronze Whalers | watch report
Winter 2013 #3: With just 3 weeks to go until the Winter 2013 finals, the competition is really starting to heat up, for Juniors and Opens alike! Summer 2013/14 registrations are now open - visit our Registration Page to find out more. | watch report
Winter 2013 #2: It's Round 9 of SSWPA's Winter water polo 2013 season, and our first-ever Saturday winter comp for juniors is proving to be fun and awesome for all involved! Half-season registrations are available, so click onto http://www.waterpolo.asn.au/registration/ to learn more. See you at the pool! | watch report
Winter 2013 #1: Our 2013 Winter season is well under way. Registrations are still available, so head to http://www.waterpolo.asn.au/registration/ to register! We've also introduced a Winter Saturday morning comp for U12-U14s, with training available for all ages. | watch report
Summer 2012/2013 #5: Semi finals are next week! ALL TEAMS PLAY (unless otherwise contacted). Please spread the message to your teammates and water polo friends! In preparation for the finals, we've also updated our sign-on system so you can see the pool and cap you're playing with! See you at the semis next week! | watch report